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Diamond Drilling Specialists


In our industry, we believe we are the number one drilling services provider for core recovery, hole completion, minimum hole deviation, production, and minimum downtime. Our business philosophy is one that is focused on our clients and our people.

Griffith employs the best drillers, pays above industry average compensation, and takes care of employee needs. Some of our drillers have been working with Boyd Griffith for over 20 years.  We invest time and energy in understanding and fulfilling our clients’ requirements.

About Griffith Drilling

Griffith Drilling, established in September 2011, is a leading Chilean exploration drilling company with operations in Chile and Argentina.


Griffith Drilling currently has a fleet of 14 diamond drill rigs and one rotary rig.

The company has completed drill programs for major, mid-tier and junior mining companies.  We are very successful in difficult, challenging projects that have deep hole requirements, difficult ground conditions and operations at high altitudes.

Griffith Drilling has a team with extensive experience in the execution of Diamond Drilling, both from surface and underground.  It’s General Manager, Boyd Griffith, has more than 30 years of experience in the drilling business, and more than 20 in Latin America.


The Griffith Drilling team has an industry reputation of service excellence and professionalism, maintaining a high standard of safety and respect for its people and the environment.

Drilling Services

Surface Core Drilling

Underground Core Drilling

Geotechnical Drilling

Directional Drilling

Rotary Drilling

Metallurgical Drilling

RAB Drilling


"Safety is the most important foundation of our services."

Safety compliance is the number one criteria for evaluating everything we do, our employees, our programs, our equipment design and project set-up and our services.

We have developed internal safety programs and controls over and above compliance with client and government safety regulations.  All company personnel receive ongoing safety training on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  


Our approach to safety has enabled us to maintain an excellent safety culture.



  • 11 RBS 1800: depth capacity 2300m NQ

  • 3 Atlas Copco CS 14 : depth capacity 1200m NQ

  • 14 Rod Sloops

  • 1 DR-130 Rotary Rig

  • 14 Water Tanks

  • 14 Mixing Tanks

  • 3 International 7600 Water Trucks

  • 12 Toyota Hilux Trucks

  • 2 Volvo Front End Loaders L120 and L150

  • 4 Weather Protection Units w/mixing tanks



Contact Us

Community Involvement

Griffith Drilling proudly sponsors Fundacion Mineros Contra el Cancer

Contact Us

Contact Us

Boyd Griffith

General Manager

Stephanie Ashton

CFO & Corporate Development

Vanina Airoldi

Branch Manager – Argentina

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